The science of smell

Exploring the dog's sense of smell

The webinar

Dogs are easily trained to detect substances due to their sensitivity and selectivity. In order to train effectively, it is necessary to understand how the dog's nose works. During the webinar we will go into the main scientific research describing the dog's nose and scent perception. We will talk about the development of odour from an odour source, how the dog can perceive the odour. Finally, we will talk about the processing that brings odors from the nose to the brain.


Roberta Bottaro, a master's degree in education, ethology and psychology, she is criminologist and has collaborated for two years with the Laboratory of Animal Cognition at the University of Trieste following research projects concerning the dog's sense of smell. Italian Kennel Club trainer has collaborated with the kennel club in developing innovative projects on the dog's sense of smell. She has taught and teaches tracking and detection throughout Europe and the United States. She has been leading tracking and detection dogs since 2012, recently qualifying as handler for wounded game. She is a handler of a anti-poaching K9 unit operational within the Lifewolfalps EU project and trainer of 3 of them.


Roberta Bottaro


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